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   The Inspire Muzik Production Co is an independently owned production company located in Morristown, TN. It was birthed by Antonio Gomez, who is originally from Brewton, AL but relocated to Jefferson City, TN to study music at Carson-Newman College. He now works as Director of Production at The Avenue Church, produces at Inspire Muzik Studio, and is a private music instructor for various instruments and voice. Music is our passion and we focus on inspiring the community and local artists to release the sounds of their hearts in excellence.
     The company exists  to "help the community hear clearer". Many organization don't exactly know what it takes to pull off an indoor/outdoor event. We are here to make sure your event communicates excellence clearly. Also many individuals have never begun the process of "releasing sounds and songs" because they've never had any training or never had anyone to give them a chance. Sometimes, if you could just learn the basics to music or an instrument, that would be enough to get you going. For those reasons, the studio is equiped to record, produce and also instruct individuals, bands and ensembles to become better musically.  We value the relationship created between artists, producers, leaders, teachers and all others involved in the creative expect a great experience!
     The Inspire Muzik Production Co. is also equipped to take professional photographs as well as capture and edit professional videos. No matter what the need or want, we can find a way to meet it--or at least point you in the right direction!!
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